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Dave A.

September 21, 2018
Constant communication letting me knoe REAL status......even the frustrating status.....working out difficulties together

September 21, 2018
Debbie was absolutely the best part of the loan process. She is always there when you need her and she's works diligently to help you with pretty much anything you need. She was always willing and happy to entertain my millions of questions, about every aspect of the mortgage process, from how various mortgage options/programs, to explaining all the various fees, to how the mortgage markets interact with stocks and bonds and other national/global economic factors. I learned SO MUCH from her.

September 14, 2018
The attention and service provided was awesome.
Julie T.

September 11, 2018
Keith, You always do a great job! Thanks for going the extra mile every time!

September 03, 2018
Very helpful answer all my questions
Phillip S.

August 25, 2018
Debbie went well beyond the what one could expect in helping us put together this very difficult transaction.

August 21, 2018
Process was smooth and went quickly.

August 16, 2018
Thank you

August 03, 2018
Keeping us up to date on progress! Sandy was great too!

July 31, 2018
It a pleasure to work with mr Garcia because hit on top of each step all the way to the process of buying your house

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