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March 15, 2018
Keith took a difficult time constrained situation and made it work. When we were stressed he was always there to help us refocus

March 15, 2018
Thank you

March 13, 2018
Very easy! Great online communication.

March 12, 2018
Keith was very knowledgeable and helped every step of the way!
Allen K.

December 15, 2017
Barry has the answers! Search around when looking for a loan but I’m sure Barry will have more to offer than the other guys. Since I had purchased a couple homes already, I knew some of the ins and outs, but he had options nobody else was able to offer. Very knowledgeable and understood exactly what I was wanting out of a home loan. He is a number fanatic, which is exactly what you want in a mortgage broker!
Grant C.

November 07, 2017
Great communication

November 03, 2017
She's very awesome to work with! Would highly recommend her to family and friends and whoever wants to buy a house.

November 03, 2017
This is the second time I've used Debbie Benson and I'd refer her to anyone. She is always there to answer questions and to listen. Can't go wrong with Debbie

October 31, 2017
To say that Debbie was extremely helpful would be to sell her short. She went above and beyond to help me with my refinance. She always responded in a more than timely manner and was never more than an email away. She will definitely be hearing from me again.

October 17, 2017
Great service for the complicated process. It had been 20 years since I had to go through loan ordeal. A bit frustrating but not because of Debbie.

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