The Foreclosure Prevention Case Escalation Unit will receive your inquiry for review of the foreclosure prevention process previously conducted on your account. The unit will acknowledge your inquiry in writing in 3 business days and provide a resolution date 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of your inquiry. After research is completed you will receive a response in writing. In the rare case that more time may be needed, we will notify you of a new resolution date not to exceed 30 calendar days from the original date of receipt of your inquiry.

Inquiries can be submitted as follows:

By toll free number: 1-888-381-7679
Hours: 8am-5pm CST
By mail: 1 Corporate Drive
Suite 360
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Attn: Case Escalation Unit
Research Department

Please include loan number and last name when you submit your inquiry.

**Status updates on ongoing foreclosure prevention options should not be sent to this unit; however, if you have any questions regarding the status of your loss mitigation review, please contact our Loss Mitigation Department at 1-888-395-3997.**

Need assistance? Call 1-855-899-9885


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