Sherri Lynn Buttler Joins South Pacific Financial Corporation

Tempe, Arizona, May 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- South Pacific Financial Corporation (SPFC) is pleased to announce the hiring of Sherri Lynn Buttler as a Mortgage Loan Officer at the Tempe, Arizona, branch office.

Buttler started in banking in 1989 at a local hometown bank and went from teller to new accounts and then mortgage processing.

“We’re delighted to have her on board,” said Jim Barker, SPFC Area Manager of Arizona. “She’s got a stellar reputation in the industry. Customer service is her top priority. She’s a natural fit for our company.”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the SPFC family,” said Buttler. “I am extremely impressed by all the tools available and the commitment to customer service. There are no excuses needed here, because things get done on time. I’m feeling excited again!”

Buttler has been a Loan Officer for 19 years. She spends her time working in Mesa, Arizona, and the Central Coast area around San Luis Obispo, California.

“I am in the home lending business, because I have a passion for it,” said Buttler. “I believe in the power of positive thinking, honesty, integrity, and effort, and everything comes together after that.”

A graduate of the Allan Hancock College, Buttler holds an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration. She describes herself as an avid practitioner of yoga. For more information about Sherri Buttler, you can visit her webpage.

About South Pacific Financial Corporation
Founded in 1982, Irvine, CA-based South Pacific Financial Corporation (SPFC) offers a diverse array of mortgage loan programs, including Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA and USDA loans at competitive rates. At SPFC, we reach our goals by helping others reach theirs. Our core values are to do what is just, right and fair for our customers, employees, and business partners, while trusting them to do the same in return. In Mortgage Executive Magazine (2014), SPFC was voted one of the 50 Best Mortgage Companies to Work for in America.

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