Home Prices Rising! Appraisers say WHOA!

Each month, Quicken Loans releases their national Home Price Perception Index (HPPI). This month’s report revealed that the difference in appraiser home value opinions as compared to homeowner estimates is continuing to increase. Chief Economist Bob Walters explains:

"Many homeowners around the country are seeing the national headlines about home value increases and they are optimistic about their equity increasing. While some areas are seeing the same level of home appreciation, or even more, there are also some areas that have slower home value increases. This can lead to homeowners and appraisers not quite seeing eye-to-eye.”

Here is a chart showing the increasing difference in opinions:



Though reports of home price increases have garnered many headlines over the last six months, most experts expect residential real estate values to start showing more historic levels of appreciation over the next five years. Walters addressed this issue:

“A slowing of home value increases adds to the misunderstanding of local home values. Appraisers are viewing the housing industry every day; they know when home values growth may be slowing. Homeowners may think values are still skyrocketing, when they have instead returned to more healthy appreciation in their area."


When pricing your home, you should have a real estate professional help you fully understand where prices are and where they are headed in the future.

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